The Past

Arrumarrut Simba with Ben

Auslese Santa Rosa

Ch Auslese Bold Ballad

Ch Kuhnheit Herr Cossack (BiG winner)

Ch Kuhnheit Frau Cougar

Ch Kuhnheit Herr Impostor (nbt) (BiG winner)


Ch Kuhnheit Frau Evita  (nbt)
(BiG & OiS winner) first Rottweiler bitch to be invited to WA's Contest of Winners

 Ch Kuhnheit Frau Fanfare (BiG winner)

Nero Lombards Glory (imp UK)

Kuhnheit Frau Brunhild (nbt)

Ch Kuhnheit Herr Lucifer (BiS winner)

Ch Kuhnheit Herr Ulric (nbt)  (R/U in Group winner)


Kuhnheit Hocus Pocus (nbt)

Kuhnheit Frau Witchkraft (nbt)

Ch Kuhnheit Frau Evita
Ch Kuhnheit Frau Huntress (first "bred by exhibitor" Rottweiler bitch to win Best in Show at an all breeds championship show in WA and 2nd Rottweiler bitch to be invited to Contest of Winners).




Contact Details

Rose Adler
Geeveston, TAS, Australia
Phone : 03 6297 1649
Email : [email protected]